Garin Farm Iloilo: The closest you can get to paradise

Garin Farm is a 14-hectare inland resort in the town of San Joaquin Iloilo. (See directions here. )

Garin Farm vegetable tunnel
Garin Farm Green House Tunnel

Along the way you can see signs of an abundant farm life with ducks, chickens, goats, rabbits and water buffalos as you walk through the pavement of their hanging gardens.

This is a lively farm with lots of inhabitants so beware of the smell too 🙂

An uphill walk inside Garin Farm leads to a pavilion at the heart of the premise.

Aside from the breathtaking view, Garin Farm has other attractions to enjoy. There is a wide swimming pool for adults and children. A large artificial lagoon for kayaking, fishing, horseback riding, all terrain bikes, ziplines and a lot more.

Since Garin Farm is a Catholic themed attraction, it is specially relevant that there will be a depiciton of the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, Ten Commandments and the nine (9) major Events in the life of Jesus Christ.

Perhaps the most noteworthy among the many attractions of Garin farm is the Divine Mercy Cross.  There is a huge stone facade that leads to the 456 steps towards the Divine Mercy Cross.

Station of the cross along the way to the top

A display of what appears to be a glimpse of heaven on earth awaits on top.  Going up is difficult and tiring. It was hot and humid. I almost gave up. But nope, perseverance is the name of the game. As we all know, entering the gate of heaven will not be that easy, right? 🙂

Dark (really dark) tunnel leading to the bright centerpiece that depicts heaven

And there it is! I am not sure if I have seen anything as white as this in my entire life. It was so bright that I want to close my eyes for a moment. The experience is something solemn yet joyful. Nothing but pure awe!


Blinded by too much brightness 🙂

The ‘bait-baitan’ pose :p

At the end of the day, it’s nice to know that it’s not yet our time so we can head off back to the world. What a relief!

Food’s pretty decent too at the restaurant across the pilgrimage entrance. with an overview of the animal farm below. A perfect time to replenish the fatigue out of that 456 steps!

How to get here:

From Iloilo International Airport:

  • Take the Shuttle Bus going to SM City, Iloilo
  • From SM City, Iloilo, take the SM Manduriao jeepney and take a stop at the nearby intersection under the overpass and ride the Oton bound jeep going to the jeepney terminal located in Mohon, Oton.

  • In Mohon Oton Terminal, there will be several San Joaquin jeepneys ready to take you to Garin Farm for PHP60.00.

From Iloilo City Proper:

  • Take the San Joaquin bound jeepney from Super terminal, Iloilo City.
  • You  can also take buses going to Anini-y or Dao Antique in Molo Terminal then tell the bus driver conductor to drop you off in San Joaquin. From the San Joaquin drop-off, take a tricycle to Garin Farm entrance

From San Joaquin Town Proper:

  • Take a tricycle ride and tell the driver to take you to Garin Farm, Brgy. Huna. Brgy. Huna is a 2-minute ride from San Joaquin town proper.

For Private Transportation:

  • San Joaquin is the last town in the southern part of Iloilo, driving  along Iloilo-Antique National Road would get you in San Joaquin in about an hour. In addition, signage and billboards directions along the highway going to Garin Farm are available to guide you.


  • 150 per person excluding children 1-year-old

For those who doesn’t enjoy long walks, you can take a ride in the Golf Cart (3 -4 pax/ride): Entrance to Pavilion is PHP60.00; Pavilion to Cross: PHP90.00.


  • Executive Conference Room (15-20 pax): PHP2,500.00
  • Hilltop Swimming Pool – PHP80.00
  • Hilltop Horseback Riding – PHP60.00
  • Biplane (300 meters -2 rounds): Sitting -PHP250.00 and Superman PHP350.00
  • Hilltop Boating:        (Single Kayak -PHP40.00; Double Kayak – PHP90.00; Pedal Boat-PHP90.00; Rubber Boat – PHP120.00)
  • Hilltop Fishing: PHP30.00/kilo
  • Billiard: PHP60.00/hour
  • Restaurant
  • Canteen
  • WiFi Access
  • Laundry Service
  • 24-Hour Security
  • 24-Hour Electricity


  • Family Room: PHP3,500.00
  • Hilltop Twin Room: PHP2,500.00
  • Hilltop Single Room: PHP 1,500.00


Other Contact infos:

Brgy. Huna, San Joaquin
Iloilo, Philippines 5024
Telephone Number: +63 033 314 75 55
Mobile Number: +63 916 667 6851
Email: /

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