Lakawon Island: Boracay of Negros Occidental (Itinerary)

Lakawon Island in Negros Occidental is a 13-hectare private island resort being dubbed as the “Boracay of Negros Occidental”. It’s easy to see why once you witness its powdery fine sand beach.

Itinerary and expenses:

6:00am – Form Bacolod north terminal, ride bus going Cadiz (60php – ordinary, 100php – airconditioned)
7:00am – arrival, Cadiz, ride trike (120php/trip good for 6persons)
7:20am – arrival at Lakawon port, pay 300php/head (inclusive of resort entrance, RT pumpboat and terminal fee) Wait until there are enough passengers.
8:00am – Lakawon Resort, registration, pay 250/head for Tawhai floating bar. (optional but highly recommended) Beach Bum.
10am – floating bar opens (highlight of the trip) get a hearty brunch

Stay until you want for the day or get an accommodation 🙂

Tawhai Floating Bar experience

How to Get There:

Manila to Bacolod via direct flights or ferry.

Once you are in Bacolod, hop on a bus to Cadiz City. 60php for ordinary and 100php for airconditioned bus.

From there, take a tricycle (PHP 120.00) good for 6 pax to Lakawon port where you’ll find boats that will take you to Lakawon Island.

Pay 300php each (inclusive of resort entrance, RT pumpboat and terminal fee)

What to Do:
Lakawon Island offers a variety of things you can do.

Beach Bum:

For a chill beach getaway, you can swim in its inviting blue waters and explore the beach line. The long beach will always be picture perfect and ready for Instagram worthy posts.

Tawhai Floating Bar:

Probably the best attraction in Lakawon is the Tawhai Floating Bar. The first of its kind in Negros and the largest floating bar in Asia. Get a 360-degrees view of the island while pampering yourself with a drink (or two). Let the subtle waves rock you gently as you fall asleep, lying on a bed at the edge of the raft with feet dangling a meter above the sea.

Water Adventure:

If you’re in for an adventure, there are several activities available in the resort. Rent out a jet ski and tour the surrounding waters. There are kayaks and small boats for paddling around. There are also snorkeling activities that will let you witness the abundant underwater life on this part of Visayas.

Seafood Feast:

Fresh seafood is abundant in the island. You can haggle (but don’t haggle much please) with the fishermen in the morning with their freshly caught fish(es). You can have the resort staff prepare them for you.

Pamper Day:

After a hearty meal or a satisfying swim, further relax by getting a massage offered in the premise.

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